Our mission

Developing the micromobility recharge management model!

Encourage, Develop and Lead the new model of recharging management of sustainable and efficient urban vehicles with the integration of VELA modular, connected and standardized batteries.

We're here to provide a solution

The problem

Electric vehicles solving micro mobility and to make sure such vehicles exist it is necessary a network and infrastructure of charging and swapping standardized-batteries, eliminating the recharge-time problem.

Our solution

For that network to exist, and as predicted by global leaders (Nissan, Kymco, “Big 4 Japan”, Gogoro, NIU) a modular battery system must be implemented, which must be standard, interchangeable and connected to a platform of battery management and interoperability

Board of Directors & Operating Team

“European Referring Professionals”

To lead Micromobility strategic markets in UE

Industrial Standarization

Manufacture and Sale VELA System for the European market and Sustainable Urban Mobility.


Smart Management and Sales of Kws by each recharge connectivity.

Recurring incomes

IoT & Big Data Connectivity

“Battery As a Service” Smart Management.

Recurring incomes

Our Partnership Proposal

“Joint collaboration for develop VELA System to Standardize and lead the MICROMOBILITY recharge management model market 2021 – 2030 in Europe”

Albufera Energy Storage
Elisava Barcelona School of Design and Engineering
Sharing Muving
Ilpea Galvarplast
Cambra de Comerç de Barcelona

Added value reasons with a guarantee of success

Industrial automotive Knowledge & Capabilities

Team members as Global Pioneers & Ownership Japanese Patent since 2010

Global authorities and laws/Rules that mandate sustainable urban mobility